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Happy Susu Travel is operated by Happy Susu Travel Co., Ltd - licensed as a tour operator for international traveler by Vietnam Administration of Tourism. We are protected and governed by Laws of Vietnam

The receipt of your deposit and/or final payment will indicate that you have read these Terms and Conditions, and that you have accepted them. The Terms and Conditions below form the basis of the contractual relationship between Happy Susu Travel and its clients. It is extremely important that our clients understand and accept these Terms and Conditions.

1. Making a Reservation.

The reservation should be sent by post, fax or e-mail to:

Address: No 24 Hem 140/30/14 Ngách 140/30, ngõ 140 Dong Thien, Vinh Hưng, Hoang Mai, Hanoi City
Hotline: + 84 985793778
Email: susuvn1980@gmail.com 
Website: www.happysusutravel.com

2. Price and validity

The price given in our quotation will be set in American Dollar (USD). The prices are applied for the period as indicated in the invoice or document delivered to the clients. Happy Susu Travel guarantees the validity of the tariffs given to the client at the moment of delivery. However, some changes can be occurred due to new dramatic national issues (such as remarkable fluctuation of exchange rates, new governmental taxes, etc.). We will keep the clients informed if there is change.

3. Booking and confirmation

  • All of our services are to be booked with Happy Susu Travel’s head-office in Hanoi.

  • A deposit of 25% of the tour price per person is required upon a confirmation of your booking.

  • After we received your deposit or full payment, we will issue our service voucher and send to you by e-mail or fax together with our invoice or receipt of your payment.

4. Deposit & Final payment

A non-refundable deposit which is equal to 25% of the total tour cost is required upon our confirmation of booking. The full or final payment is required 45 days before the tour commences. Should the tour booked within 45 days before the tour commences, full payment is required.

5. Changes by you

If you wish to change your tour booking with Happy Susu Travel Co., Ltd. in any way and we can accept the change, we will do our best to assist you. However, Where changes are not possible without additional costs being incurred we will advise you of the cost of the change and require your acceptance before implemeting the change.

6. If we cancel your booking

We reserve the right in any circumstance to cancel your Tour booking. If we have to cancel your booking (other than for late or non-payment by you) we will make you a full refund of all mony paid in respect of the Tour booking.

7. Cancellations and Cancellation Fees.

All cancellations must be received in writing, sent to us via fax or email. You do not have to pay any cancellation fee except non-refundable deposit if you cancel your reservation more than 45-days before the tour commences. Below are cancellation fee charged out of the total price apart from non-refundable deposit.

  • 30-45 days before arrival: 15%

  • 15-29 days before arrival: 30%

  • 7-14 days before arrival: 50%

  • Within 7 days before arrival: 100%

  • No-show: 100%

8. Refund of Unused Services

No refunds or exchanges can be made in respect of accommodation, meals, sightseeing tours, transport or any other services which are included in the tur prices but not utilized by clients

9. Payment methods

  • By cash at our office or your hotel with prior agreement

  • Through Western Union:

  • By credit cards( Visa & Master card):

  • Bank transfer: our company bank details will be provided upon confirmation of your booking

Note: payment details will be provided upon confirmation of the booking

10. Liability & Responsibility

  • Happy Susu Travel shall not be liable for any loss, injury, or damage to person or property, alteration of itineraries or cancellation in part or in full, caused by climatic conditions, sea fire, breakdown of machinery or equipment, acts of government or other authorities, wars whether or not declared, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, thefts, epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulations, terrorist activities, or any other actions, omissions or conditions beyond our control. Neither Happy Susu Travel nor any of its affiliates or subsidiaries shall be or become liable or responsible for any additional expenses of liability sustained or incurred by the tour member as a result of any of the aforementioned causes.

  • Passengers are required to have full travel insurance covered. This includes trip cancellation, medical emergency evacuation, and other coverage. Airline schedule, train timetable and local conditions may affect accommodation and itineraries. Should this occur, Happy Susu Travel will endeavor to substitute a suitable arrangement of similar value.

  • Happy Susu Travel shall not be responsible for any wrongful or negligent or fraudulent, omissions, changes of itinerary, cancellation or the failure of any equipment operated by any suppliers such as transportation carriers, cruise, and hotels, or any other party not directly owned or controlled by Happy Susu Travel.

  • Happy Susu Travel is not responsible for a client’s failure to comply with customs regulations.

  • Happy Susu Travel is not responsible for the theft or lost of any customer’s valuables or items of personal property due to the negligence of the customer.

  • Happy Susu Travel reserves the right to substitute hotels, flights, or cruise ships, to alter itineraries, or to cancel the tour prior to departure. If Happy Susu Travel has cancelled any tour prior to the commencement of the tour, we are liable for a full refund of the money received by Happy Susu Travel.

  • Many of Happy Susu Travel tour packages include activities which require care attention. Such activities include boarding and going ashore from boats, climbing hills, trekking, cycling, hiking, kayaking, and entering and exiting tombs and caves etc. You will receive help and advice from our representatives but all activities are undertaken at your own risk. Happy Susu Travel, its employees and agents cannot be responsible for any action or event that occurs after it said employees and agents have exercised their duty and taken the necessary care.

11. Conditions of Carriage/Accommodation

We are neither a carrier nor a provider of accommodation. Each journey that you book by land, sea or air is governed by the conditions of the carrier undertaking to provide that carriage. Some of these conditions limit or exclude liability and are often the subject of international agreements. Copies of the applicable agreements are available for inspection at the offices of the carrier concerned. It is your own responsibility to re-confirm the onward or return sectors of any air journey with the carrier concerned or such carrier’s duly authorised agents and according to such carrier’s regulations. When you book accommodation, its availability or provision is subject to the ‘house rules’ of the hotel or other accommodation providing or undertaking to provide such accommodation.

12. Termination

We reserve the right in our absolute discretion to terminate your tour arrangements without notice should your behaviour be such that it is likely in our opinion to cause distress, damage, annoyance or danger to any other person. In such circumstances, no refund or compensation will be due to you.

13. Complaints

We do our very best to ensure that your tour arrangements go according to plan. However, if you have a complaint arising out of what we have agreed to provide for you please let us know at the earliest opportunity to our hotline number, office number or email. If a problem arises during your tour or holiday, it is important that you advise us or our representative at the earliest opportunity who will endeavour to put things right. If your complaint cannot be resolved locally you should advise us within 28 days of the incident, in writing, giving your original booking reference number and all other relevant information. Your letter will be given prompt attention. If you fail to follow this simple procedure we cannot accept responsibility, as we would have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate the matter and where possible rectify any problem.

14. Flexibility

The client should appreciate and acknowledge that the nature of travel in Asia may sometimes require flexibility and should allow for alternatives. It is understood that the route, schedules, itineraries, amenities and mode of transport may be subject to alteration without prior notice, due to local circumstances or events, which may include sickness, mechanical breakdown, flight cancellations, strikes, events emanating from political disputes, entry or border difficulties, climate and or other unpredictable or unforeseeable circumstances.

15. Validity

This information is valid at the time of publication but is subject to change without prior notice. However, should any changes occur, they will be posted on the website immediately. However, should the Terms and Conditions change after the deposit is paid, the Terms and Conditions under which the deposit was paid shall apply.

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